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Thoughts on all Sodastream products

Is Sodastream worth it? That’s what I asked myself while researching how to make my own carbonated beverages. Of course I liked all the benefits of making my own soda as needed right at home, but I wanted to know how much money I could save with my own home soda maker. Now that I’ve used Sodastream for six months I can break down exactly what it costs for a typical user and compare it to what you would buy at your local grocery store.

Sodastream CO2 cartridgesWith Sodastream, after the initial purchase, I can locally buy CO2 cartridge refills for $15, which is enough to make 60 liters of carbonated water using tap or filtered water from home. That comes out to $0.25 per liter of seltzer water!

At the store today I saw 2-liter bottles of seltzer water and soda at $1.79 for premium brands down to $0.81 for the generic brands. Even the cheapest store brand of seltzer water was 60% more expensive!

What about flavors? With Sodastream, you can choose between unsweetened Flavor Essence, which compares to flavored seltzer water, and Splenda sweetened Sodamix, which is stronger and compares to soda.

Sodastream Flavor EssenceThe Flavor Essence sells for $10 for three bottles, which is enough to add flavor to 60 liters of seltzer water, at an additional cost of $0.17 per liter. This flavored seltzer water is still about half the cost of the name brands in the store.

Sodastream SodamixThe Sodamix sells for $5 per bottle which is enough to make 12 liters of your favorite soda, at an additional cost of $0.42 per liter. Comparing this to a 2-liter bottle of brand name soda in my store at $1.89, Sodastream soda is over 25% cheaper than Coke or Pepsi.

Is Sodastream worth it? Yes! Not only is it cheaper to make your own soda, there’s lots more value because it’s more convenient, healthier, and less trash on the environment. I’ve been very happy with mine, and I believe you will be too!

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